Beaches in Anglet

Anglet beaches to visit

Take a stroll along the beaches of Anglet and enjoy a break in the shady pinewoods before discovering the cultural sights of this renowned Basque Coast resort.

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Between the Pignada forest and Anglet beach

Set between the sea and the mountains, Anglet is as attractive for its forests and pinewoods as it is for its magnificent beaches. The 220-hectare Pignada forest is Anglet's green lung. You can also admire the spires of Bayonne Cathedral as you stroll through the Lazaret forest, along the banks of the Adour, or follow the discovery trail of the Izadia Ecological Park, dotted with stations dedicated to raising visitors' awareness of the issues involved in protecting biodiversity.

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Beaches to admire

The diversity of Anglet's beaches makes it a popular choice for holidaymakers. This renowned seaside resort boasts a 4.5km stretch of coastline, giving visitors a choice of 11 beaches with very different contours. Some are more urban and others wilder, but all are undoubtedly as beautiful as each other. Our favourites: the Chambre d'Amour, of course, but also the Sables d'Or, the Dunes and the Cavaliers, just opposite the Les Terrasses*** hotel.

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Must-see tours

While in Anglet, visit the Grotte de la Chambre d'Amour, carved into the rock of the Cap Saint-Martin cliff - legend has it that lovers were once surprised here by the waves. The town hosts the Anglet Art Biennial and a Japanese artist has left a monumental work of art called the "Love Tower", from which visitors can now enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean. Then take a stroll down Anglet Surf Avenue to see the sealed footprints of the world's greatest surfers who have come to test Anglet's crashing waves.

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